Roblox Announcements: – At the annual Developers Conference on Sept. 8, Roblox unveiled a new in-game "calling" feature. – This feature will become available to users by the end of the year

Feature of Roblox Connect: The new feature is called Roblox Connect. It enables users to call their pals within the game. The receiver must have the Roblox app downloaded on their phone and be a friend on Roblox.

The call request appears like a regular phone call on the friend's phone. When a call is answered, the caller and the recipient speak with each other using their Roblox app avatars.

Roblox's Emphasis on Creation: – Roblox is known for emphasizing user-generated content and game creation. – Players are referred to as developers.

These developers, including children, create games and potentially earn in-game currency called Robux. 

Positive and Negative Aspects: – Roblox is praised for fostering creativity and game design skills in young people. – It has come under scrutiny, especially during the pandemic, with concerns raised about children's safety while using the platform.

Future Development: – Roblox's CEO, Baszucki, envisions further advancements in communication, potentially moving from audio to video to full 3D interactions. – Roblox may eventually offer photorealistic video chat, possibly for professional and business use.

Roblox Connect for Developers: – Roblox Connect will be available for game developers to integrate into their games. – This allows developers to incorporate video chat and utilize machine learning for audio calls within their games.

Purpose of Roblox Connect: – The primary purpose is to enhance communication among Roblox users, especially within families and friends. – Parents can use it for important messages to their children within the game. – Musicians can connect with fans through avatar-to-avatar interactions.

Age Verification and Safety: – Roblox Connect will be accessible only to users aged 13 and above. – This serves as a safety measure to ensure appropriate and secure communication within the platform.

Roblox's Commitment: The introduction of Roblox Connect reflects the platform's commitment to providing engaging and interactive experiences. – Through lifelike avatars and in-game calls, Roblox aims to strengthen connections and communication within its community.

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