- The moto  Razr+ also passed JerryRig's torture test, and not surprisingly, it didn't perform well either.

- Despite the durability issues, using the Razr Plus is a great flagship phone experience. The price is $999, which is more reasonable than some other folders.

- The phone's main 6.9-inch screen is good enough for everyday use, you might forget it's foldable until someone notices you fold it in half.

- Camera quality is low but good for social media and enjoyable photography experience. - The Razr Plus has good battery life for a foldable, and fast charging is available.

- Battery life is average considering its small battery. With three hours of screen time and a lot of mobile data usage, it was down to about 40% at the end of the day.

- The Razr Plus lacks the rigorous IP68 dust and waterproof rating, which puts a question mark over its longevity.

- The external screen allows you to interact with the phone without unfolding it, making it a display.

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