Meta, powered by Mark Zuckerberg, has introduced Threads, another messaging based application from Instagram.

Threads allow users to share text refreshes and participate in open discussions, recognizing this from Instagram's core focus on photo sharing.

Threads is seen as a potential competitor to Twitter. According to Zuckerberg, within the first four hours of its release, Threads garnered over five million sign-ups.

According to Connor Hayes, vice president of product at Instagram, many influential Instagram users requested a text-based app.

Meta has a history of copying competitors' products, such as Reels from TikTok and Stories from Snapchat.

Mark Zuckerberg recently tweeted a jibe at his billionaire rival for the first time in 11 years. - Restrictions on Twitter have prompted users to seek alternatives, but previous challengers haven't gained enough traction.

- Instagram's parent company, Meta, unveiled Threads as a direct rival to Twitter, posing a serious threat to the struggling social media site.