- Honda has issued a recall reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on June 29.

A total of 124,077 cars are potentially affected by the recall. - The issue involves a loo  fastener connecting the brake booster and the brake master cylinder

- The loose fastener could lead to the separation of the brake master cylinder from the booster assembly.

This separation could result in a loss of brake function and increase the risk of a crash.

Owners can have their vehicles inspected and repaired at dealerships free of charge.

The problem is specifically related to the brake master cylinder, which may have been improperly fastened during production.

No crashes, injuries, or deaths have been reported, but two warranty claims related to this issue have been received by Honda since September 2022.

During the recall process, Honda will inspect and replace any missing nuts and damaged brake booster assembly components.

Affected Honda and Acura owners should take the recall seriously and respond promptly to the notification.

Owners should contact their local Honda or Acura dealership to schedule an inspection and necessary repairs.