HDMI 2.1: - Data transfer speed of 48Gbps - Supports 8K video at high frame rates - Provides comprehensive HDR support and uncompressed video

HDMI 2.0: - Data transfer speed of 18Gbps - Strongly supports 4K and 1440p video - Commonly used in many new devices

HDMI standards support a variety of extreme resolutions and frame rates: - HDMI 1.4: 1080p60, 4K30 (limited) - HDMI 2.0: 1080p240, 1440p144, 4K60 - HDMI 2.1: 8K60, 4K144

HDMI 2.1 is supported by devices like PS5, Xbox Series X and new GPUs - HDMI 2.1 capture cards are also available for streamers HDMI 2.1 offers additional features like Dynamic HDR and Variable Refresh Rate

Different HDMI standards have different data bandwidths and key additional specifications HDMI cables may have the same appearance but different standards

- The lowest-spec device or cable will block the signal - Ensure cables, devices and displays match the same standard for optimal performance

Consider using DisplayPort 2.1 for higher video bandwidth capability HDMI 2.1 devices and 8K TVs are still expensive and may not be necessary for most users

Users satisfied with HDMI 2.0 at 4K60 can look forward to a drop in prices for HDMI 2.1 as it becomes more common