Nvidia has established a leadership position in artificial intelligence semiconductors, which has led to a rise in its stock price.

- Analysts at Citi raised their target price on Nvidia from $420 to $520, while maintaining a buy rating

. - Expected price is based on an expected price/earnings multiple of 35 times for 2025, with a best case scenario of $600 and a price/earnings of 40.

Shares of Nvidia more than tripled in value in 2023 and rose 0.7% to $457.70 in early trading. 

Citi analysts expect Nvidia's dominance to continue because of its advantages in optimizing software for GPU computing, network wallets and premium hardware.

-- He expects Nvidia to maintain a significant advantage in AI performance and market share over AMD, citing higher speeds and the environment.

 - Citi expects Nvidia to have at least 90% market share in AI graphics, similar to Intel and AMD's dominance in the past.

- Analysts cited AI chip testing by MosaicML, which showed AMD's Mi250 AI chip is up to 80% faster than Nvidia's previous-generation A100 AI chip.

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