- The large language model (LLM) of Chinese tech giant Tencent has lately been made available to businesses.

- Shortly after Tencent's presentation, Jack Ma's Ant Group unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) model tailored specifically for the finance industry.

- Ant Group, China's largest financial company with over 1 billion users worldwide for its Alipay payment programme, is notable for this approach.

- The Zhixiaobao 2.0 app from Ant Group's latest AI model, which can equal the market research and reasoning abilities of the average financial professional, intends to provide financial guidance and analysis. Regulations still need to approve it.

- Before releasing AI goods to the public, China has strict restrictions requiring security assessments and clearance.

Zhixiaozhu 1.0 from Ant Group is a tool for financial experts that includes information extraction and investment analysis.

There are already more than 130 significant language models in China, according to Jiang Jie, vice president of Tencent, which has sparked a "war of a hundred models."

US businesses like Google, Meta, and OpenAI, in contrast, have already released their own LLMs on the market

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