- Samsung's product shares the same limited battery life as the Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch. 

Samsung advertises a battery life of 30 hours with an always-on display, but I only managed to get around half of that.

- It's a significant shift from my favourite Fitbit and Garmin watches, which typically offer at least a week's worth of battery life with moderate use.

- Because the Samsung watch emphasises cutting-edge sleep technology and needs daily charging throughout the day, charging it at night isn't optimal.

- While travelling or camping, it can be difficult to remember the charger, which would leave the watch all but worthless.

- You might need to charge it twice a day if you use battery-intensive functions like GPS during long runs or bike rides.

Despite the fact that some users may be accustomed to short battery life from other smartwatches, this is nonetheless frustrating.

After more testing, I still think the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will be a fantastic smartwatch overall, despite the battery problem. In the future, I'll save battery by turning off the always-on display. 

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