- British university researchers have developed a cunning new method for hackers to obtain your data and passwords.

- They've programmed a clever program to record your information using a microphone as you type on the keyboard.

- It can steal data with 95% accuracy by only hearing your keyboard adjacent to a microphone, making this acoustic attack disturbingly accurate.

- The assault still has a 93% success rate when used with video calls like Zoom.

- The researchers repeatedly pressed 36 keys on a MacBook and captured the noises to educate their programme.

- They used an image classifier called "CoAtNet" to convert those sounds into images known as spectrograms.

- They tested it using various programs, including Zoom and Skype, and an iPhone 13 Mini held 17 centimetres from the computer.

However, even a silent keyboard may not be secure; you may require biometric technology or password managers.

- The researchers advise choosing strong, random passwords or altering your typing technique to protect yourself.

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