1. Support Face ID as your primary unlock method to prevent thieves from rewriting your Face ID.

2. Set a custom alphanumeric passcode to increase your iPhone security.

 3. Access the alphanumeric passcode option by going to Settings, clicking on the ID & passcode page, entering your current passcode, and selecting Change Password. 

4. Use this Screen Time passcode to add an extra layer of security to your Apple ID.

 5. Enable the Screen Time passcode by going to Settings, clicking Screen Time, and selecting Use Screen Time passcode.

 6. Set your preferred password that gives you Apple ID credentials for password recovery

 7. Enable content & privacy restrictions and disable account editing to prevent unauthorized changes to your Apple ID. 

8. Consider blocking passcode changes to remove the ID & passcode menu from the Settings app, improving security.

 9. Disable access to the control center and lock screen to prevent thieves from enabling flight mode. 

10. Disabling access Control Center allows you to follow your stolen iPhone to Find My iPhone, as long as theft does not enable Airplane Mode.

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